Best vibrators 2021: Embrace the buzz this new year

Today's best vibrators include exciting new products as well as old favourites reinvented

Best vibrators: So Divine
(Image credit: So Divine)

We could all do with some good vibrations at the moment and one quick way to satisfy that urge is to pick up one of the best vibrators. The choice in this corner of the sex toy world is huge with the market growing quickly and new, more technologically advanced models appearing all the time. 

Today's best vibrators range from traditional 'wand' style vibrators, G-spot and anal massagers, hands-free vibrators and ones that react to the amount of pressure that you apply or when they make contact with your skin. There are lots of toys aimed at couples too with vibrators that can stimulate and arouse both parties at the same time.

While some classic designs, such as the rabbit – called as much because of the bunny-ear shaped clitoral stimulators – remain popular, this is a certainly a dynamic market and even old favourites, such as wand massagers, are being reinvented. This is also a growing sector for the male market with vibrators designed to stimulate the P-spot or stroke the penis (head to our dedicated best fleshlight guide for a range of toys designed to emulate the feel of a vagina). 

Vibrators can be made from silicone, glass, rubber or metal. Often they are textured with nobbles or ridges and many offer a choice of speeds and patterns. But with so much choice and variety, which vibrator is the best for you? We've selected some of the newest and most interesting vibrators to buy now…

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Finding the best vibrator for you

When it comes to material, modern vibrators are usually made from glass, metal or silicone, and many are designed with different textures such as nobbles or ridges to increase stimulation. Most vibes offer a choice of speeds and pulsating patterns.

Classic vibrators are still popular, and these include the world-famous Rabbit vibrator, so called because of the dual, bunny-ear shaped clitoral stimulators that sit at the top of the vibe.

Bullet vibrators are another best-seller. This type of clitoral vibrator appeals to beginner sex toy users because its small, easy to use (no fiddly controls), and is teeny enough to be stashed discreetly in your wash bag or undies drawer when not in use. 

More recent additions to the good vibes club include clitoral suction vibrators, which aim to replicate the sensation of oral sex. You'll definitely come across one of these beauties in our best vibrators list below, along with some other tantalising options.

Elsewhere, there are more specialist options aimed at men and couples. Read on for our pick of the best vibrators to buy now...

The best vibrators to buy now

best vibrator: Lelo Soraya 2

(Image credit: Lelo)

1. Lelo Soraya 2

All hail the queen of vibrators

Length: 8.5 inches
Insertable length: 5 inches
Circumference: 4.25 inches
Power: USB rechargeable
Settings: 12
Reasons to buy
+Dual stimulation +Luxury texture and quality +Thoughtfully considered design 

LELO has a reputation for producing luxury sex toys and the Soraya 2 is elegantly shaped and made from extra-soft silicone. This dual-stimulating vibrator aims to reach the holy grail of both clitoral and G-spot orgasms. A refined version of the already-popular Soraya, ultra-sound technology was used when designing the main body of the Soraya 2 to build an accurate picture of the anatomy and position of the G-spot. The result is a broader and thicker sculpted tip. 

The fully flexible external tip is designed for precise clitoral stimulation and we found the shape both ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing. The Soraya 2 is a great upgrade for women who are already fans of LELO’s original Soraya.

best vibrator: Doxy Die Cast

(Image credit: Doxy )

2. Doxy Die Cast

Wave a magic wand to enjoy an intense massage

Body length: 37cm
Head diameter: 6cm
Weight: 690g
Power: Rechargeable
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Reliable+Intense vibrations+Multi-use
Reasons to avoid
-A little noisy-Not cordless

This magic wand vibrator may look familiar even though it's a relatively new entry into the sex toy market, as its design is inspired by brand made famous by 90s TV series Sex and the City. However, the Doxy claims to be 30% more powerful than the classic Hitachi Wand with up to 9,000rpm. This most recent version of the Doxy, the Die Cast, is 190g heavier than the original and it offers even more powerful vibrations. The only question is, 'How much can you take?'. It can be used as a body and neck massager as well as on more intimate areas and its heft makes it ideal for a hands-free experience. Cast in aluminum and titanium it looks pretty sleek too.

best vibrator: Womanizer Premium

(Image credit: Womanizer)

3. Womanizer Premium

A smart clitoral stimulator

Circumference: 6.25 inches
Length : 6.5 inches
Power: Rechargeable via magnetic USB charging
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Choice of head size+Hands-free option
Reasons to avoid
-Loud on the higher settings

Anything that's been endorsed by pop star Lily Allen is worth a look and the mum, singer and designer has put her name behind the Womanizer brand as part of her mission to tackle the social stigma of sex toys and promote sexual wellness. What particularly piqued our interest, however, is that this sex toy only starts when it comes into contact with your skin. It's a smart feature that means no distracting noise or fumbling around to find the off button when it's no longer required. Another unique aspect is the auto-pilot mode that allows you to enjoy a hands-free experience. Otherwise, the Premium operates in a familiar way using air and pulsing vibrators to arouse and stimulate the clitoris into an orgasm.

best vibrators: The Tennis Coach

(Image credit: Beauty Bay)

4. Smile Makers: The Tennis Coach

Style meets function in this fun, arty design

Length: 14.6cm
Circumference: 3cm
Power: AAA battery
Settings: 4 speeds, 2 pulsation modes
Reasons to buy
+Cool design+Quiet+Waterproof and easy to wash

Beauty Bay makes a range of sex toys, which stand out thanks to their fun, arty designs. This sunny yellow vibrator is a great option for those who are just getting started with vibrators. This round-headed vibrator is designed to focus vibrations on the G-spot, and features four speeds and two pulsation modes. It's also waterproof, quiet (under 40dB) and easy to clean. If you want to try something a bit different, you might also want to check out Beauty Bay's Frenchman and Fireman vibrators, which have different shapes to mix up your experience.

best vibrator: ROMP Switch

(Image credit: ROMP)

5. Romp Switch Clitoral Suction Stimulator

This bright suction sex toys could be the best budget vibrator

Length: 5"
Reasons to buy
+Fun colour+Cheaper than many suction toys+Simple to use
Reasons to avoid
-Positioning can be fiddly

Suction stimulators are designed to stimulate the sensation of oral sex by being held on the clitoris while the user chooses the speed and intensity to suit until an orgasm is reached and… well, that's about it! The beauty of a suction simulator is in its simplicity. Another bonus is the intensity of sensations they produce, and the Romp certainly lives up to expectations with six intensity levels to choose from. It also exceeds in the price range: many of the suction stimulators on the market are high-ticket products, so the Romp is a good one to buy if you want to try out a suction stimulator to see if this is a sex toy to suit you, but you don't want to take a loan out to buy it.

Best vibrator: Fun Factory Manta

(Image credit: Fun Factory Manta)

6. Fun Factory Manta

The best vibrator for men

Length: 7.5 inches
Circumference: 6.75 inches
Power: USB rechargeable
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+ Discreet  + Multi-usage + Powerful vibrations 

Male sex toys often features oversized devices that can look intimidating, but not this one. The Fun Factory Manta is a sleek and discreet vibrating penis stroker that's easy to hold and feels so good in use. Manta can be used as a couples toy too, so you could hold it against your partner during masturbation or sex, depending on the position you're in. The ‘wings’ fit around the penis and vibrate to increase sensations for both parties, during sex, foreplay or oral sex. For masturbation, the Manta can be used as a vibrator resting on the most sensitive areas, or for stroking. Je Joue say this ergonomic shape is what sets its male vibrator apart from any other. The Manta sports ridges on the inside of the wings for lube, so it'll never feel dry or dragging against your delicate skin.

Best vibrator: Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

(Image credit: Lelo)

7. Lelo Sona 2 Cruise

The best vibrator for simulating oral sex

Length: 4 inches
Width: 3.5 inches
Mouth width: 1 inch
Settings: 12
Power: USB rechargeable
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+ Intense vibrations + Cruise-control technology + Ergonomic design 

Suction vibrators are relatively new to the sex-toy market and, surprise surprise, have proved popular with women who enjoy oral sex. The sensations they produce can be intense at first. Rather than using a vacuum, Swedish sex-toy giant Lelo has developed what something called SenSonic technology. The silicone, says Lelo, 'has been engineered to absorb sonic waves and transmit them back to the clitoris'. The result? A powerful sucking action. The ‘Cruise’ element on the Lelo Sona 2 is its ability to increase the power when the device is pushed against the body to give the user ultimate control. And with 12 modes, there are plenty of options to try.

Best vibrator: We-Vibe Chorus

(Image credit: We-Vibe)

8. We-Vibe Chorus Vibrator

The best vibrator for couples

Insertable length: 3 inches
Length: 3.5 inches
Material: Silicone
Reasons to buy
+Adjustable to fit+Waterproof+Remote option

“Great sex is all about intuition,” says We-Vibe. The couple behind the brand also reckon that its couples vibrator, the Chorus, is their most intuitive sex toy yet. The vibrator is designed to be worn during sex, and the shape of it can be adjusted to fit. 

While one end of the vibrator sits above the penis during penetration to stimulate the g-spot, the other end simultaneously vibrates the clitoris. The Chorus comes with a squeeze remote, so the tighter you squeeze the more intense the vibrations become. This responsive little vibrator can also be operated remotely via the We-Connect app, so couples can still play together even when they're not in the same room, making it ace for long-distance relationships.

Best vibrator: Rocks Off Rude Boy Intense

(Image credit: Rocks Off)

9. Rocks Off Rude Boy Intense

Pay your prostate some love with this p-spot vibrator

Material: Silicone
Power: USB rechargeable
Time: One hour of use when fully charged
Reasons to buy
+Powerful vibrations+Dual stimulation+Waterproof

The Rocks Off Rude Boy Intense is an anal vibrator designed to stimulate the prostate, which is precisely where you can find the male g-spot or p-spot, as it’s better known. The head of this men's vibrator is shaped for easy, comfortable insertion in the anus, while the girth of the toy will simultaneously stimulate the perineum. It’s also fully waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or bath.

This rechargeable vibrator for men has 10 different settings so that you can control the intensity of stimulation, which is essential for those of you who are new to prostate massage. Don't forget to use plenty of lube with your anal toys. 

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

(Image credit: Fun Factory)

10. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

Get ahead with this toy designed for targeted pleasure

Material: Silicone
Power: USB rechargeable
Internal length: 3.5 inches
Canal diameter: 2 inches
Reasons to buy
+Powerful vibrations+Soft silicone+Waterproof
Reasons to avoid
-High price

This hand-held, male-specific toy is designed to envelop the head of the penis to stimulate the sensations of oral sex. Once inserted, it’s a snug fit so when you’ve chosen the vibration settings (from 11 different patterns), the Cobra Libre will engulf and pulse to emulate a massaging sensation.

The sleeve is soft and flexible and the three buttons on the top of the device dictate the variety of patterns making it easy to use and control. While the majority of action happens at the tip of the penis, the lip of the toy also vibrates. This Cobra Libre is meant to be held in a static position and is not designed for thrusting, so if you like the sensation of handing over control it’s a good toy for you. It’s also waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower.

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet

(Image credit: Tracey Cox)

11. Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet

Perfect aim from this teeny tiny bullet

Power: 1 x AAA battery
Circumference: 2 inches
Length: 3.5 inches
Material: Hard plastic
Reasons to buy
Reasons to avoid
-No choice of settings

Powerful results are what American sexual wellness expert Tracey Cox says this small, slim bullet vibrator is designed to produce. Vibrating bullets are largely aimed at women to achieve a clitoral orgasm but they can also be used by men to stimulate the perineum and the base of the penis. Unlike some other bullet designs, the Supersex can also be inserted up to 2.5 inches.

While many bullets have a choice of settings, the Supersex has just one, rather focuses all of its attention on strength and with its rigid, hard plastic case, it produces powerful vibrations. Its popularity is also due to its appearance, which at 3.5 inches is frankly petite. It comes in a choice of three colours – silver, pink and black – and could easily be mistaken for make-up – a big advantage if you’re concerned about an embarrassing reveal.