The best TV deals for October 2021: the top cheap 4K TV sales right now

Want to grab the best cheap 4K TV deal, including OLED and QLED sets? You've come to the right place

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This page is dedicated to the best cheap TV deals available right now. We're picking out the best 4K and 8K TV deals from all of the biggest TV makers at the key online retailers, so that you'll be able to find an offer you can't miss!

This stage in 2021 is especially great for TV deals, because this year's models landed a while ago, so we're starting to see the prices on them sink as they compete for your attention. 

That means you can get some of the most elite TVs from last year for the same cost as this year's mid-range TVs – and you'll usually get much better image quality that way. We've got our lists of the best TVs overall, the best TVs under £1000, and the best TVs under £500 to help you choose which one's right for you.

Below, you'll find our top recommendations for the very best TV deals available right now – plus, we've got all the lowest current prices on our favourite sets, including lots of the best OLED TVs and the best gaming TVs, all updated live from stores across the web. You can use the quick links to jump straight to your preferred brand and see what the current deals are.

And if you want to add some extra audio quality to your new TV, don't forget to check out the best cheap soundbar deals!

The best TV deals going on right now

LG TV deals

best lg 4k tv deals

The LG CX is the OLED TV most people should be looking at in 2020 – it's great value, image quality is superb, it's the best gaming TV thanks to support for every new feature of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and it comes in everything from a compact(-ish) 48-inch size up to 77 inches.

The LG B9 from last year is still around (with imminent replacement by the 2020 BX model due), which means it's the cheapest it's ever been, largely – the image quality of the CX is a step up, but the difference isn't huge, and the B9 is also totally ready for next-gen gaming, so it's a good future-proofed buy.

Sony TV deals

Best sony TV deals

Sony produces utterly gorgeous TVs every year, but they tend to be on the premium side. A good set of deals will take care of that – the Sony AG9 is a beautiful TV with top-tier image processing and great audio built-in, and now has a smaller 48-inch model. 

The Sony A8 is a new version of Sony's cheaper OLED model, and though still not in the cheap range, offers great value for money given its overall quality – it's weak when it comes to next-gen gaming features, though.

We're big fans of Sony's XH90 LCD TVs, which are among the best bang-for-buck sets on the planet – they're a great price, and the visuals are pretty wonderful. Sony says this model will also get full support for every PS5 and Xbox Series X feature, but via an update later.

Finally, Sony's flagship 4K LCD TV for 2020, the Sony XH95 is also simply brilliant, though costs a little more than the XH90, naturally.

Samsung TV deals

Best samsung TV deals

Samsung's range of TVs is just huge, from the Samsung Q950TS 8K TV flagship, which we rate as the best set on the planet (but oh boy are you gonna pay for it), down to the cheap but really usable (and great to watch) Samsung TU8500.

Samsung's 2020 TV range explained

The Samsung Q90T is its flagship 4K TV, and is a truly excellent set. The Samsung Q80T brings the price down a lot, while still provided the same high-end image processing and QLED panel. The Samsung Q60T is the most budget way to get QLED's famous lush colours, but isn't as good for HDR performance as the other models.

Panasonic TV deals

If you want the pinnacle of OLED TV quality, look no further than the Panasonic HZ2000 – it's an expensive buy, but that's because of the custom tech that makes it brighter than any other OLED panel. Panasonic's other OLED TVs are also great – if you can find a price drop on the HZ1000 in particular, it's an excellent deal.

In the mid-range, the Panasonic HX800 blows us away with the sheer amount of quality TV you get for the price – it's a great-value set for cinema fans who want a large screen and rich images without paying silly money.

Philips TV deals

Philips has a broad range of tempting OLED TVs, from premium stuff like the Philips OLED+984 (which has a high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers system built into its imposing stand), to the Philips OLED754, which is the cheapest OLED TV worth buying on the market, coming in under £1,000.

There are some great models in the middle, too – the OLED804 adds some extra bells and whistles over the more basic OLED754, while the OLED+934 adds a Bowers & Wilkins speaker system without as much expense as the super-swish OLED+984 mentioned above.